Busy day :) I haven’t stopped all day.

I slept in until lunchtime because decorating for the last four days had taken its toll on me. I get exhausted so easily. I made up for sleeping in late today though. I went out to get a few bits from the supermarket. I needed some of that thick kitchen roll before I could do some cleaning. I cleaned all the bird poop off of my car bonnet. I’m hoping that they don’t do it again because they made a huge mess on there last time. I cleaned the bathroom. I did something new today. I put up some wallpaper on my own. There was only one part that needed finishing so I thought that I would attempt it. I also mixed some wall paper paste for the first time in my life. The paste consistency was perfect… not too runny or lumpy. The paper didn’t fall back off the wall so I think I’ve done a decent job on my first ever attempt. Both cat litter trays have been done. I’ve rubbed down the doors and kitchen cupboards because they were looking grubby. The amount of dust that came off the top of the kitchen cupboards was ridiculous. I can see why my allergies were kicking off. I have been constantly having to blow my nose for months. I also had some ironing to do which I left until last because it was my least favourite job on the list.