My theory of repeated numbers makes more sense recently.

Blog readers that joined us last year may remember me stating my theory on repeated numbers. This conflicted with the traditional belief that they were lucky amongst the spiritual community. I kept my mouth shut after that because I didn’t want to go against the grain of the rest of the community. This year has made me seriously think about my original opinion. Maybe I’m not so mad as I first felt when I came up with my theory. This year, 2020, has been probably the weirdest time of our lives. It’s a repeated number… look at the events of the year. I don’t even have to explain my theory. The things that have happened to the whole world during the year. Record amounts of deaths due to the coronavirus sweeping through our countries. The thunderstorms have. Even absolutely crazy. They are the worse I’ve experienced in my life. I live in the U.K. we don’t get thunderstorms like we’ve had them so far this year. We normally get rumbling ones (a bit of lightening) rather than huge cracking sounds with lightening. I’m starting to wonder whether my theory wasn’t just built from the trauma that I have experienced in my life. That it wasn’t a mind set due to my mental health issues. We have never experienced a year like this in our life time. 2020 is a repeated number. Am I overthinking this? Or could there be a method to this madness?