I need a break ;/

I haven’t been out of the house for a few days because I was doing the decorating with my mother. I’ve had to go for a walk even though I’m probably not dressed right for the weather. It’s hotter than I thought it would be. I have a few bits to get on the way back but I’m not taking them on a walk with me as they will get too hot. These masks start to smell after a few shop visits. I got a pack of two so I can wear the other one while the other one is in the wash. I’m technically exempt as autism is on the list. I chose to wear it because I don’t have sensory issues. I have many other sensory issues but it doesn’t affect that part of me. I am actually more confident in a mask. I don’t feel so shy despite the fact that I metaphorically mask my autism in every day life. I still have things to do when I get home. I just need to get outside for a bit. The sun is making me hot. Black was an unwise colour to wear today. I need less gothic type clothes. They were fine inside where it was cooler. I’m now 11 stone 5lbs I need to burn off the excess gain. I was a stone lighter before lockdown. I still have my curves but they’ve got bigger. I’m glad that I haven’t got large lumps of fat despots it’s where they shouldn’t be. It’s alcohol consumption. In my early 20s I was heading towards 15 stone when I used to regularly go out drinking. It can’t be from the food I’m eating now because most of it is veggie or vegan. I even have vegan magnums at home. I’m hoping that I like them because I’m not a fan of the none dairy milk alternatives. I don’t know how I liked soya as a baby… it tastes like soil. It just tastes awful when added to tea.