I can’t blog for a few days.

I won’t be blogging for at least a few days because I seriously need to sort out my flat. I have my orders from my mother that certain things need to be done before she commenced helping me with the decorating. I feel unable to settle at just the thought of the tasks that need doing. It feels like a long list.

I’m going to get my allergies kicking off as there is a lot of dust around here. It mixes with cat hair which also makes my eyes start running. I will have to stock up on a packet of antihistamines to stop it interfering with what I’m trying to do.

I also have to keep taking painkillers for the bump on my head as my face is still slightly swollen from reacting to a mosquito bite. I’m hoping it wasn’t a tick or something as they burrow into your skin and cause illness. The bite hardly hurts, it’s right next to my ear.

I also had pains earlier today around my hips. That was quite scary due to the fact that it’s been 43 weeks since I could have got pregnant. The pains weren’t like monthly pains. I never went into labour naturally with my son. I was induced. That meant that I never experienced early labour. I just know that this felt quite low down. I know that the medical profession don’t believe in cryptic pregnancy (where there is no hormone build up as period like bleeding still occurs) but my own body is questioning all that I’ve felt and experienced over many months. They’re supposed to last longer. 43 weeks is overdue in a non cryptic pregnancy. I’m not in a rush to go through birth. I don’t like pain despite my pain threshold being higher since my first experience of that process.

At the minute I have enough things to sort out. I do not have time to focus on the above unless it becomes apparent that the pains are related to labour. I will definitely know because it’s a severe type of pain. I can not describe it. I also don’t want to frighten readers who may be pregnant for the first time. I will just know due to going through it previously. I feel okay at the moment. I’m not looking forward to doing all the cleaning but it needs to be done and it’s been delayed for months due to one thing or another.