Hard to function properly today :(

I’m not up properly yet. I’ve managed to get up to take medication, get breakfast and go the toilet. I went back to bed because I just can’t function yet. The lump around the bite on my head isn’t helping. It’s still quite sore due to being swollen. It’s less painful but spread across to the side of my head. It can take up to a week for the swelling on bites to go down. I woke up with an achy wrist too. That was ok once I had warmed it up, I must have got cold during the night or something. Luckily it’s not my writing hand. The opposite side has always been weaker after the affects of my epilepsy as a child. It does sometimes get irritating having one side of my body weaker but I’ve learned to adapt. That is why I get put off by the Gym equipment. I’d rather walk because it doesn’t hurt the weaker side of me. I can even it out a bit more if I commit myself to exercising but it’s all very time consuming for effects that only last for a short time. I was able to do more exercise when I wasn’t so exhausted. That is one of the most annoying parts of whatever is wrong with me. I don’t feel like I am me any longer. I would be more accepting of these limitations if I was older. I’m only in early thirties. I shouldn’t be feeling worn out yet. I know that I’ve been through some traumatic times these weren’t recent enough to still drag me down emotionally to the point of being exhausted.