Small bugs can cause huge issues.

I have been bitten by many bugs in the past. I have been bitten by mosquitos several times throughout my life. I have never had a reaction to a bite. Then I got a mosquito bite last night. I woke up with a visible bite on my forehead. It just seemed like a normal bite at that point. There is now a lump on my forehead and that side of my face down to my eye feels swollen. It also aches. I took an antihistamine and a painkiller to make it less uncomfortable. I just want to sleep. I hopefully will wake up with less of a swollen face. I can’t lay on that side of my face at the moment, it’s too uncomfortable. I got bitten on my arm too but that didn’t react. The one on my arm may have been a flea bite because I found a few on the cat today. He was reluctant to have his spot on applied but we got it sorted. I sprayed the flea spray around my flat just in case any fell off of him. I am starting to feel slightly more comfortable now the painkillers are working. The bite has been so annoying and uncomfortable all evening.