Test results came back abnormal :(

Two out of the three blood tests that I was given Tuesday have came back abnormal. I have to speak to the doctor about one of them according to their computer system. The other one I’ve seen many times which points to being anaemic again. The doctor who ordered them has noted that they were abnormal but it was expected. I logged in half expecting the results not to have been put on there yet. I haven’t had a phone call so I presume that my results aren’t too concerning. I could feel there was something a little off due to how tired I kept getting throughout the last couple of months. I also knew that my monthlies weren’t right. I just had to convince others that there was something wrong. Most of the tests that they gave me was measuring blood cells etc. I presume it was hormone related because the doctor indicted that these tests would show something if his guess on my symptoms descriptions were accurate. I will ring the surgery up next week. I’m sure it’s not that urgent. I can’t worry before I know what’s going on.