Avoidance is at its highest level today.

I have gone on a long walk after getting up late. I have housework like vacuuming that I don’t like doing (noise is too loud) waiting for me at home. I can’t leave it too many days due to cat hair, my hair and random bits ending up inside which the cats bring in on their fur. I may just be sobering up properly after a few days of nightly drinking as that sometimes intensified my autistic traits. I’ve been in three shops to buy a drink on my walk without a mask. I haven’t been challenged yet. I got a few hostile looks from those wearing a mask. I forgot the one that I had just in case. I’m technically medically exempt due to being autistic but I am prepared for hostility from people who aren’t exempt due to medical conditions. I don’t like to broadcast that I’m autistic in every day life but if I’m asked about why I’m not wearing a mask I will be honest about why.