The class system: there are many layers to the modern versions of class.

I watched a programme late last night about the class system. Apparently, there are many more strands to the class system nowadays than just upper, middle and lower. It doesn’t just take your occupation into consideration but also your lifestyle factors and interests, as well as social circle. It then informed me that I am one up from the lowest class. I do believe that labels take a person down a class in the eyes of others. I had a bitterness for years about being labelled a criminal for my autism. I felt that it was a huge dent in my character. I used to care a huge amount regarding how others perceived me. I don’t have that chip on my shoulder so much nowadays but it never truly goes away. I got told that I had a posh accent after coming back to the area I was raised in after 9 years of living down south. I have now got some of my Leicestershire accent back and it varies on who I’m talking to… if the person has a more southern accent then mine normally adjusts to less of a midland slant. If I’m chatting to local people then my accent gets a lot stronger.

I was in two minds about continuing with my law degree via the open university because it’s rather an elitist dominated subject. I already can see that many who know me are doubtful that I will pass the whole degree. I do have the challenge of passing it … that is merely the easier part. The hardest will be the task of getting accepted by those of a different background. They’re must likely going to look down on me due to my background. I can’t really hide aspects of me due to the fact that I’m open about parts of my life on this blog. It’s hard enough being an female autistic within a condition that is dominated by the view that autism is a condition that only affects males. It isn’t as bad as it used to be when I was a teenager. There is still a lack of understanding and acceptance of female autistics even now.

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