Napping is not always a good idea. / I fully recommend microdermabrasion skin treatment.

I had a nap after coming back from my trip out. I tried to stay awake but ended up eventually dropping off about half 5. I woke up half past 8. I wasn’t asleep for long but it’s knocked my pattern out again. I’m not having to get up quite so early in the morning but if they are doing the work in the flat above then I’m probably going to be awake by 9am. It’s ok if they aren’t drilling or doing some other noisy activity because that is loud.

I love my new bubble bath… it doesn’t seem to like me, I am itching quite a lot. It’s a lovely smell. I think it makes my skin dry. It has pear as the ingredients. I’ve reacted to pear cider (which is why I no longer drink it) so I may have a random intolerance to that fruit. I have had random allergies since I was born. I had to have soya milk as a baby. I had an allergic reaction to medication as a child. That left my skin a bit sensitive. It’s much better now that I’m an adult. I found my skin more reactive while I was a teenager until my mid 20s. It seems to have settled down a lot since hitting 30. I still get flare ups which can be extremely irritating. I know I’m not itching due to my cats having fleas due to having put the comb over their fur. They aren’t huge fans of the flea checking process… however, they are tolerant for long enough to complete the combing. I have stuff to put on them if I do find anything. Mister tends to get fed up and try to grab my hand while I’m combing him. He starts thinking that he can turn it into a game of trying to grab my hand. Mimi just lays there, she even rolls over so that I can brush her all over. Of course, they also fell asleep earlier laying next to me on my bed. They have decided to eat their late night food and wander off outside.

I tried that microdermabrasion treatment on my face. I was slightly reluctant to try it myself. I got the kit weeks ago after a special offer which popped up on a social network site. I was seeing hair growing on my face. I decided to buy this pack due to how much my hairs were starting to bug me. They grow quite light. They don’t tend to show up when I had my eyebrows tidied up regularly. That wasn’t able to happen due to lockdown. I feel the difference after just my first treatment of microdermabrasion. It’s taken all of the rough top layer of skin off. The hair surrounding my eyebrows has made them look as if they’ve been tidied. I have such a smooth nose. I had rough skin build up on my nose quite a lot. The spots that I had around the edge of my face are now gone. The hair that was growing around my top lip has gone. The lines that were starting to form on my forehead are no longer visible. These treatments are extremely expensive in beauty salons (and probably not available until August due to virus restrictions). I managed to do my own treatment but I’m sure that it may be a challenge to some people. The best tip I can give those that are brave enough to try it themselves is to gently glide it over your skin. The blade isn’t too sharp but if you don’t slightly tilt the blade at an angle then you may cut yourself. I accidentally caught the blade on the side of my nose. That part is tricky due to the fact that it’s not as flat in places. That is also an area that some people may need to do more regularly than the rest of their face. I think that I will have to because the side of my nose is a problematic area.

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