Mornings happen too early.

I had to get up for food shop delivery which I don’t particularly mind. Then the builders started working on the flat above me. It’s quite noisy around here at the moment. I’m watching the television, the Jeremy Vine show, but I’m off out if the building work is set to happen all day then I may just go out for a while. The cats have retreated underneath the bed. I’m not awake properly yet. I’m topping my energy up with a caffeinated drink. I have lots of things to do. I’m not normally awake this early. I don’t want to get behind with sorting out my flat because we are definitely going to be sorting out the decorating (where the cats damaged the wall paper) in the next month. I just feel like chucking most of the things that I’m never going to use again. I can live with clutter, mess and grubbiness while I’m depressed. I’m now irritated by it now that my depression is starting to lift a bit. I wish that I could sleep properly at night because I’d get a lot more done during the day. It’s hard to get into a pattern when I’m not very enthusiastic about life. I haven’t been enthusiastic when it comes to life for many years. I only get up every day to benefit other people and my cats. Mister has decided to come join me after he has ventured out from under the bed.