I just had enough today. Overwhelmed by the smallest of things.

I don’t know if anyone else feels so overwhelmed that they just want to say screw it and go to bed. I just feel stressed at the amount of housework because it’s seems quite a lot sometimes. I didn’t get up until lunchtime so feel like I’ve been trying to catchup all day. Then I found another caterpillar on vegetables that I had brought this week. It doesn’t matter where I get my shopping from, there is always a caterpillar on them. I don’t mind because I can wash the odd one off but on one occasion I got a broccoli full of caterpillars. I had to make sure I had killed them before throwing them away as this had been imported from Spain. This was at the height of the coronavirus outbreak so it would have been risky to let them into another environment. I don’t know how they managed to survive. They all seem to be in those vegetables that are wrapped in tight plastic. That’s even more weird because you’d think that they wouldn’t be able to breathe. So far it’s only been on broccoli and cauliflower. I’ve ate vegan stuff most of this week but I’m not a fan of eating various insects (despite predictions that we will be eating insects in the future).