I watched the discussion on television earlier. I wasn’t sure whether to would comment because I’m white and sometimes our voices aren’t welcome due to people of colour not thinking that we properly understand racism. I don’t want to claim that I understand what it’s like to experience forms of abuse and discrimination purely due to the colour of your skin. The shocking things that have come out regarding people of colours experiences recently should never have been acceptable. Our cultures are somewhat different but that’s not excuse for racism. There is no excuse for the racially motivated incidents which has resulted in many deaths over the years. I do know what it’s like to be treated negatively due to who I am in regards to being autistic. There is a thing such as white privilege, however I don’t feel that it is given to all groups of white people.

I’ve been fighting since my teen years (now I’m in my mid 30s) to end discrimination. I know how hopeless it feels when there seems to be no progress in that area. It’s difficult to change attitudes and stop certain prejudices being passed throughout generations. We can’t stop trying but I’m hoping that one day… preferably sooner than later… that things finally do change. We can’t stop people thinking unhelpful views but we can prevent those views being seen as acceptable; which means that those views won’t influence how people are treated.