Uncomfortable, can’t sleep and overwhelmed.

I’m not even overwhelmed due to things I have on. Although I will need to be up early tomorrow. I’m sensory overwhelmed by my allergies, the things that I need to do around the flat to make it feel less grubby, and my hair is feeling tight on my scalp due to needing its weekly wash. The state of my eyebrows are starting to bug me. Covid 19 restrictions mean that beauty salons cannot even wax them yet. I totally understand about threading being risky because they have to be extremely close while also holding it with their mouths at some points. However, waxing can be done at a safe distance with the beautician wearing a visor and the client wearing a mask. They’re allowed to trim men’s beards which they cannot do with clients wearing a mask. Eyelash extensions are too risky because they work so close to your eyes. I don’t see how waxing eyebrows would be too risky though. It’s also kind of sexist when you consider that men can have their beards tidied up. Women rely on eyebrows to make them look tidy.

Even having a bath seemed like a sensory nightmare. I was painfully aware of the water pressure on my skin. I’m not normally like that. I’m just going to blame hormones because that time of the month is approaching and I’m just hoping it’s not going to repeat it’s performance from last month. I have plans on one of those dates that it’s visiting and I can’t use the hair salons toilet due to restrictions if it decides to flood. I need a trim after the three month lockdown. I spend hours in there when I have my highlights done and normally use the toilet a few time’s due to the fact that it takes about 4 hours. I haven’t got plans to have it coloured for a while. However, these restrictions could be around for many months. They definitely will be if the virus starts spreading again. These things may be health and safety but we cannot do certain requirements on a long term basis. There are disabled people that need access to toilets when they are using a public area. They aren’t able to wait until they get home or they might end up in a mess. I have no issue with wearing a mask because that’s a reasonable request. The reality of this year has been crazier than some of my dreams that I have when I’m stressed. Lockdown didn’t get to me. I’m finding the reopening of everywhere and the various restrictions quite challenging. I see how impractical some of them are going to be long term for those of us who have various disabilities. There is already a backlog of routine things we need due to our needs that will take months to get sorted. They literally forgot about some groups of disabled people due to the resources being prioritised in regards to controlling the virus outbreak. Until the virus has gone completely then resources won’t be diverted back to the other services.