Chilled weekend :)

I went for a long walk today. I had on new shoes (old ones wore out) which has resulted in my feet being sore by the time I got home. I had a bath when I got back to stop them feeling so sore. I’m comfy in my onesie nearly falling asleep now. I need to get up for something to eat at some point but I’m reluctant due to my sore feet. I’m probably going to attempt to sleep earlier tonight. I hope that I don’t keep waking up throughout the night because that is starting to get annoying. I had to buy new headphones for my iPhone today due to the wires breaking in my current ones while I was walking. Those things don’t last long. The current ones came with my iPhone when I got it two years ago. That’s quite a long time for apple headphones but the ones that come with the product always lasts longer than the ones purchased separately. I bought another pair of cheaper brand headphones with an iPhone adapter. I couldn’t just get headphones due to the end being the wrong fitting.