Tiredness & depression has hit me like a brick wall.

I’m exhausted. I am aware that I stopped posting on the blog to write a book but that isn’t likely to happen soon. I can’t think straight while I’m this tired. There’s no way that I can write a coherent plot etc with my brain feeling that wiped out from exhaustion. I actually rang my doctors today because I’m unable to function properly while being this tired. I need my outstanding blood and smear test. I don’t feel well. It’s also depressing when I continuously feel this way. I explained my symptoms (some I’ve spoken about on here). The routine smear tests aren’t being done right now but the receptionist is going to pass my symptoms description onto the nurse who can give permission for a smear on medical need grounds. I’m probably anaemic again because of how tired and continuously drained I’m feeling. I defy anyone to bleed as much as I did on my last monthly without being affected. That just isn’t humanly possible. I can take a lot due to my life experiences experiences. I’m sure that my blood count levels are below borderline at ffus point. I have no energy. I also need to rule out having a cryptic pregnancy because I have a visible tiny bump and feel heavy. I keep aching around there. I don’t mind either way as long as either way it’s over soon. I can’t do anything this tired.