Blogging break – to write a traditional book.

I have made the decision that I’m going to take a break from regular blogging. I’m attempting to write a traditional book which I’m going to try to get published. I can’t keep writing for free. I need to at least attempt to make some form of career out of one of my talents. I’m not going to get things done unless I put the blog on hold for now. There are nearly 2000 entries on here to read while I’m on a break. I need to properly focus on writing a proper book for traditional publication otherwise I won’t concentrate on the project properly. I might even have other news when I return to writing the blog. I’m not sure what’s going on myself yet. I would like to make writing a career because at least I would be able to earn decent amounts of money rather than relying on the welfare system. The writing industry is hard to break but it’s all about getting lucky. Best sellers have happened for people who thought that their writing / story telling skills weren’t professional enough to be successful.

3 responses to “Blogging break – to write a traditional book.”

  1. good luck – don’t think about what has worked for others just do what you feel is right then if it doesn’t work out with a publisher you will still have something you are proud of – there are plenty of alt routes to publishing if traditional print and watersons doesn’t work out


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