Still confused, nothing seems to make sense.

I have popped out for a walk because I need a break for a while. It’s sunny but not too hot today. I felt like I was melting only walking down the road yesterday. I even got a bit burnt after just walking to the shop and back. I was literally only outside for half an hour. I have really frizzy hair too so I think the sun may have burnt it over the last few days. I had it up for the last two days but I cannot by out to dry it in the sun after I washed it while still damp. I hoped that it would reduce the frizz but it’s still massively on the wild dry side. I actually don’t have hay fever today which is a surprise because it says the pollen is high.

I also need to think because things are still a bit confusing for me right now. I still look pregnant but I can’t prove it if she doesn’t w one of those cryptic ones. I’ve had monthlies all the way through the months I’ve had my suspicions. They just aren’t like they were. I had to take something to stop it acting up this month. One way or the other I’m going to find out over the next few months. It’s already coming to get to the 40 week mark. I have a noticeable bump in the dress that I’m wearing today. I’ve felt really deep aches over the past couple or days. I’m extremely impressed if I am pregnant as I was very large by this point with my son. He was 9lb. And no, it wasn’t able to happen naturally. I’m built tiny. I still get asked for ID to buy things in the shops so basically built like a teenager. That also works against me when I’m trying to get them an older than me to actually take me seriously. They look at me and just think she’s too young for now know what she’s talking about even if they’re not aware that I’m mostly decades younger than most around me. It’s hard to establish yourself in any type of career when people only see you as a child because you may not be that young but you still look a teenager without makeup. If my ID wasn’t a full driving license with all those official details listed I don’t think they’d accept my ID as proof of age. Looking young and being syory basically gets you viewed as a child alongside the autism which is also socially a disadvantage.