The sun is lovely but too much for me.

I went for a walk in the sun. I feel better but I think I have been affected by the heat. I’m currently seeing yellow patches in front of my eyes. I made sure that I drank fluid while walking but all three drinks ended up warm due to the heat. I had a few cold glasses of water when I got home. I still feel like I’m going to find sunburn coming up later. I’ve got so much to do around my flat but I’m struggling due to the heat. I managed to do the vacuuming. I had to sit down with another glass of water due to the heat. I have cleaning to do which cannot be left any longer. I will get it done once it cools down and I’m rested properly from my walk. I feel like I’ve run a marathon. I ache all around my legs because my muscles aren’t used to walking that far for weeks.