It’s too hot! This heat is making me unwell.

I only went out to get my weekly shop. I came back feeling sick and headachy from the heat. I don’t remember sleeping much last night. I have hay fever which is driving me crazy despite taking medication for allergies. My nose keeps filling up which causes my headache. I’ve got a hot head too so I’m hoping that I haven’t got the virus. I haven’t been out of my local town because of literally being surrounded by infection hotspots. I’m still not over my monthly issues. I definitely have anaemia again because I feel weak and tired. I’ve had two nails break off and one remains cracked on the side. I just want to sleep constantly. I’m wiped out after just a trip to the supermarket. It took quite a while due to queues leading into and out of the store. Then the petrol station had queues. I was so glad to get back. Queuing is a nightmare when the weather is hot. I heard that it’s going to get hotter later today. I certainly won’t be going out there again today. It’s too hot for me. I like sunny weather but it’s a bit too much heat. The pollen out there is also high so I end up with a streaming nose and eyes. I’m finally over everything that has happened in my life. I woke up today thinking screw it I actually don’t care who was wrong or right. I make the choice to be happy and move on because otherwise it weighs me down.

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