Changed my plans.

I was just getting an even worse headache attempting to sleep it off. I decided to go for a walk now that it’s a little cooler as the evening approaches. I actually have got rid of my headache while I’m moving around. I need to get whatever is stuck in my head out because otherwise it hurts. I left the cats asleep on the bed. They’re too hot and it’s even worse for them as they have fur on them. I feel like I’m sitting in an oven so they must be suffering today. I don’t look that great but I’m hoping the sun, after none for a week, will perk me up a bit. I’m wearing trousers but I have gained a bit of weight so not confident about the fat around my knees. I’m starting to get self conscious about my eyebrows too as they’ve never been this out of control. 4th July everything is supposed to be opening up again but the appointments will probably be filled up for weeks until everyone has calmed down about getting beauty treatments after 4 months of not having that option available. I’m not hopeful about getting an appointment even when they all start opening. I’m refusing to be in a queue again so not even getting involved. Every time they reopen places as part of the lockdown easing plan it ends up a swampland full of queues into various buildings. The reopening is definitely not going to be autism friendly.

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