Surrounded by the virus.

Coronavirus has two outbreaks either side of where I live. Leicester and Nuneaton (originating from the hospital). Both places are either side of where I am located. We are also in the catchment area of both those hospitals. Obviously people haven’t controlled the virus otherwise there wouldn’t have been an outbreak in this locality. The buses from either area go straight into both of these places. Then people get off from those places here. That is the least of my personal worries at the moment. I’m trying to get back from my walk without my monthly flooding. I have even got a coat on covering that area to avoid embarrassment. I should be okay as nearly home as long as it doesn’t release another huge amount at once. I haven’t been able to walk far but I have to move to get rid of the worse of it. The key is balance and be brace yourself for potential trouser soiling embarrassment covering as much as possible with things your carrying of needs be. I literally can’t do anything about it until I get home despite things I may feel happening.

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