There needs to be a whole scale revolution not just for people of colour but for ALL disadvantaged groups.

While I fully support all those working hard within the black lives matters groups. But action is needed across the whole of the systematic discrimination. There are brutal things going in behind closed doors of various courts in the U.K. and most probably world wide to those of us who are different. The court of protection and the family courts have made it illegal to film within them (U.K. law) so we don’t have proof of whatever has gone on which verges on human rights abuses. I lost my son to forced adoption due to them using aspects of my disability, then bundled into a room by my own barrister who told me that, if I told anyone what had gone on in the family court that afternoon, this would get me locked up for a very long time! It didn’t matter that the care/placement order (which they need to gain in order to complete these forced adoptions) was based on completely corrupted inaccurate information. The barrister has a son with Asperger’s syndrome so you’d think she would at least go against the status quo or the crap that goes on behind those walls.

We are technically gagged however we decide to disclose it to those in the outside world. And, the law has it even more restricted in this country, those hat have the information disclosed to them can also be charged with contempt of court if they even remotely take the parents sides. The law of the U.K. has basically made it an offence to spread around news of their human rights abuses. Supporting someone’s case even if they were the victim is classed as illegal here. Unofficially illegal of course because our led are open to interpretation and can be used in cases accordingly. Basically we aren’t safe in this country if we are part of an outsider group. We get thrown out of the system to fight for changes from within because once we get labelled with a criminal record it is virtually impossible to walk away from that label especially if you refuse to stop fighting for what is right and the changes that the U.K. don’t want to happen.

It’s illegal to record the hearings or release any information, however, I promise you that if a video was released of those proceedings like it was of the killing of George Floyd By American police, there would be just as much of an outrage. The only difference is the fact that the laws would mean that any videos of hearings inside those above courts would be taken down on protection grounds. The only ones that are actually protected by these laws are those that are abusing the rights of users of the system. The awful thing is that we are losing our children on child protection grounds but there are children out there being placed with known child abusers by those same courts. It’s basically a form of discrimination that they will continue to get away with unless we don’t fight as hard as the black lives matters groups for the equality that we have always deserved and maybe eventually be able to legally reverse these adoptions based on corrupted info relating to disability etc. That’s not going to be yet but I cannot stress enough that everyone that it’s happened to should come out and take action. I openly tell my experiences. I promise you that I will make sure that others who decide to do the same are legally covered. As I said, our laws are all based on interpretation and how things that happen get advocated to those in authority. Now is the time to push for discrimination of all forms to finally end.

I have been depressed for the last week due to my own experiences. I hate to admit that o have drank 25 bottles of bulk brought wkd in just a week. I have just gone in a walk for the first time after a whole week too.