I’m convinced that evil surrounds me.

I’m trying not to be paranoid but I’m starting to truly believe that evil has attached itself to my life. I look back at everything that I’ve been through and things that happen in the present. There is no other explanation. Evil has undoubtedly linked itself to my energy. It doesn’t seem to only affect me but also people that are linked into my life. I’m tortured by lack of sleep by what seems to be insomnia but what if it’s more sinister? I told that evil dark shadow thing to get lost a while ago. It hasn’t come back since but I have no proof that it’s actually detached itself from me. It could be causing my tormenting life circumstances. I heard noises on my sons baby monitor which sounded like clicking. This thing could still be attaching itself to both of us. I can’t even protect him from that side of things if he’s not with me. The adoptive parents are most likely non believers who will just label him crazy and assume that it’s just bad luck. I used to think I was crazy and it was all bad luck until I found out that evil could attach itself to people. I wish that it would go away because I long to be free of its influence on my life. I constantly feel like I’m evil too which is just as mentally tormenting. I feel completely drained and cannot stand existing at the moment.