Sleep non existent… well, slept but still tired.

I planned to sleep later to make up for the lack of sleep but that has been changed. The flat upstairs is having work done to it which is too loud to sleep through. The council are pulling up the floor. The previous tenant recently passed away. The council haven’t put anyone else in there yet. The amount of activity I’ve heard coming from there suggests that the place wasn’t in a great condition. I most likely won’t get any rest with the noise the maintenance people are making at the moment.

I have woken up with sore eyes which is probably hay fever. I need to wash my hair because it’s got to the itchy stage. That will probably help my hay fever because pollen can get caught up in hair. I only wash mine once a week due to having natural dry textured hair. I can’t wash it more than that otherwise it starts to get damaged. I probably get a lot of things in my hair on a daily basis which doesn’t help allergies. Cats don’t help either but they’re my fur babies so totally worth it. I currently have both of them snuggled up next to me on my bed. I looked around this morning and realised I have a lot to do. I tried to put the curtains back up. They’re up but definitely won’t stay up permanently due to issues with one of the pole holders fixture to the wall. I didn’t help with my filler attempt. I’m sure that within a day it will be coming out the wall on that part again. I do need to get it done properly at some point because that’s not going to hold on that side. I don’t think I’m the first person who has attempted the temporary fix. That hole looks like it’s been messed with before. I’ve never taken it down during the time I have lived here. I was only planning to wash the curtains but then the fixtures came off the wall. The fact that it’s now back up is somewhat a miracle when you consider the state of one of the fixtures in the pole holder. I’m half expecting that side to fall down due to the crumbling wall around that screw. Im hoping that they do stay up until I can get it professionally fixed. I have lots to do elsewhere which I haven’t done due to messing about with that task. I’m tired but can’t put things off because they don’t go away but instead just build up. I got overwhelmed with the thought of them. I had to tell myself to only think of one task at a time. If something becomes a demand I won’t end up doing it. I have to make sure that it doesn’t get to that level.