Spending time offline a lot… many things need sorting.

I am slightly quieter than normal. I no longer check the internet social media, emails etc regularly throughout the day. I’m not ignoring anyone. I’ve been sorting out things around my flat. I haven’t even been for a walk in days. The weather hasn’t been great most of the time. I do need to go out in the sun at some point because I’m starting to look as pale as a vampire. I also put slightly more weight on through being at home near food and drink. I think it may just be water weight but I’m starting to feel stiff which is another indication I must go for a walk or do some form of exercise at least a few times a week. I haven’t had the energy to do exercise and things I needed to do recently. I managed to get a bit more sleep over the last 24 hours but I long for a whole nights sleep to feel rested. I have a list of things I need to do tomorrow. I will probably drop off soon without having to try due to sorting out curtains for the last 2 hours. They look much better than previously. I just have the pole and the fixings to sort out in the light. I’m hoping to have everything back up (providing nothing goes wrong) by tomorrow night. The filler is now solid so everything should slot together successfully. There is no way anything can fall down now. They weren’t put up that well in the first place. The plaster is getting older and starting to crumble in places. It’s fixable by using poly filler in the case. I used to think these jobs were extremely hard but then I realised that I hadn’t attempted them so I actually was just assuming that they would be hard. I can’t redecorate on my own but I can do more than I thought before that main part.

The birds have woken up so I should probably get to sleep before they get louder. I’ve had a few crows making noises outside my window at a stupid hour for a few weeks. The other birds are fine because they are at least tuneful and have a pleasant sound. Crows don’t make a pleasant sound. It sounds okay out there until the crows wake up about half 4 and then are lingering around until about 6.