5 minutes to myself. I haven’t stopped since I got up.

I got up at 3pm but I had insomnia which meant I only slept this morning. I even woke up in between so probably not slept many hours. I gave the flat a spring clean. Well, I tried but things fell to bits on me. The curtains are clean but I need to repair the lining by stitching what was damaged by the cats. The washing machine made that worse. The curtain pole needs a good clean before it can be put back up as it was thick with silvery dust on top. The plaster is a bit dodgy. The screws are still up there but the pole came away from the wall after I removed the screws that were holding the curtain onto the pole. I’ve filled the hole around the screw that was unstable. I’m hoping that it’s all going to go back together after the plaster has dried. The screws on the wall are still intact which is a good sign that the plaster won’t crumble any further. I dusted and also knitted another square for a charity blanket appeal. I’m now finally chilling on my bed absolutely exhausted. I haven’t walked for days because I have no spare energy. I have to ration energy so that every day things done.