I managed to stay awake. Early night :)

I managed to stay awake for the whole day. I can now go to bed early and finally reset my sleep schedule. I’ve tried to do things during the day but it’s hard to function this tired. I managed to tidy and clean which is the main thing. The place was starting to look a mess. I just discovered that the cats are like birds in cages. I drew the curtains in here and they fell asleep straight away on the bed in the darkness. I thought darkness woke them up because they normally pop out T night. They probably won’t tonight due to the weather being horrendous. They seem to have been snoozing in a few different spots today. I haven’t even been out due to the weather. There’s no way I’m walking in the rain coming down throughout the day. I’m gaining weight but have no energy to exercise daily unless I fix my sleep issues. It feels like a lifetime ago that I went for a two hour walk every day. Even every two days hasn’t been consistent for months. I don’t think that I have done that pattern consistently the whole of this year. I had other priorities during waking hours with the little energy I do have nowadays. I have to be able to function alongside every day things too. I wish that I could sleep as easily as my cats. That would be great to catch up with the entire sleep hours I’ve lost in my life.

There are people that fall asleep as soon as they get in bed…. how? I just lay there looking at the ceiling. Despite being bored I cannot even fall asleep. I’m hoping that my natural sleepiness that I feel about 10pm is something I can use to encourage my brain to sleep without waking up until morning. I normally fight the sleepiness dip because I watch things on television quite late. I don’t need to do that but I got into that pattern. Then by 2am I end up too awake to sleep. It doesn’t seem that this is a sustainable natural pattern for me. I used to be able to balance it but over time sleep deprivation takes over and my control over balancing things gets weaker. I’m drinking more water nowadays. I still drink other things but in moderation. I have cut down on caffeine but still need it to wake up properly… like many people. I don’t like coffee but I do drink tea. I drink one or two little Pepsi max bottles per day. If I’m going for a walk then it’s normally two because I drink one at home and then get one on my walk.