Lack of sleep, insomnia and intuition together isn’t helping.

I went for a long walk yesterday. You would have assumed that would have made me tired enough to knock me out for the whole night. That didn’t happen. I ended up laying awake most of the night. The other half of the night I was knitting while watching the television. I’m that tired the bags under my eyes are deep and I feel sick. I’m constantly picking things up to do with the pandemic and other things kicking off around the world. The sadness is overwhelming due to the amount of death happening. Sometimes it is quite hard to not be affected when you’re naturally intuitive. I have managed to disconnect a bit during the earlier part of lockdown. I just can’t at the moment. I know that others think I’m crazy because people don’t believe in psychic abilities. I haven’t had a proper nights sleep in months. I either can’t settle or have dreams that wake me up. I try to catch up during the day but sleeping during daylight hours makes the insomnia part even worse. I get ill when this kind of thing goes on over an extended period of time. I just wish for a rest! I need a break from being bombarded by what is surrounding us at the moment. I cannot change anything by feeling others feelings and picking stuff up. Please can I be switched off! I’m exhausted.