Laziness has gone on for too long!

I knew that I hadn’t walked for a while but after looking at my app and discovering that I hadn’t walked for nearly 5 days made me get myself on a long walk. I walked around both local towns and then walked over to my he next town. I had to pick up my medication otherwise I wouldn’t have detoured to the local town before going on my normal route. I had a council volunteer ring my bell earlier asking if I wanted those kinds of things done but I declined the offer. I’d rather they do that for people who cannot walk to get their stuff. I think that it is also a bit late after the last 10 weeks to start helping those that are classed as vulnerable. I was told via text that I was on the shielding list 7 weeks into the restrictions but never got a letter to confirm that. I’m doing unofficial delivering of food etc to people who have to shield. I wouldn’t have been accepted as an official volunteer due to them being required to have an enhanced record check. I don’t have to declare my last conviction due to it having been over a year but on enhanced your whole history comes up. I don’t want to be insulting to be insulting to those that have signed up but do gooders with clean records who have never stood up for anything will not last long in our current system. It was bad enough before covid 19 arrived. You need a very thick skin and be strong both mentally as well as physically. I am both because I’ve lived in places surrounded by the things you have to not let the environment get to you.

I’m walking with lower back ache and a few bags from the shop. I’m in less son while walking about than sitting so resting isn’t going to help. I’m better than yesterday but I only had a few hours sleep this morning due to what happened during the night with the animals both wild and domesticated.