It’s been a long night due to a variety of different animals.

I haven’t slept due to the antics of my cats and other animals. I had to get the cats to come inside at about half 2 this morning. There was a huge fox lingering around our garden. It ran away when it saw mr but I couldn’t settle until I made sure the cats were inside away from harm. They got restless at about 4 am so I let them out because it was getting light. The fox was probably not around by then due to being nocturnal. The birds were quite vocal at that time because they’re waking up. Then, at about half 5 in the morning, a bird flew into the glass of my bedroom window. Unfortunately, for the bird, mister (cat), was nearby and decided to grab him. Luckily I got the cat to leave the bird alone. Although that didn’t stop mister antagonising the bird by poking it with his paw. The bird recovered and flew away after a while. I don’t know why but mimi just rushed in and slapped mister with her paw after he came in. I don’t know if it was an argument over the bird or something else. I had stomach ache all night. I’m glad I saw the fox in the garden so that I could get the cats in. If I hadn’t been awake due to illness then they would have been out there with the fox lingering about. He was rather large in comparison to foxes that normally linger around here. I was worried about Mimi because she’s small. She didn’t seem bothered by the fox hanging around but I was afraid that it would catch one of the cats. Apart from the cats having a slight scrap at 6 am, things seem to be settling down now.