Bad day :(

Well, for one, the rain is just depressing. The air is nicer without the heat though. It just got too hot. I had stomach cramps since getting up. It only came on when I was cleaning the bathroom. I’m trying to eat but I feel sick. It’s not constant so trying to eat in between. I feel bloated like I want to go the toilet but I then don’t need to actually go when I try. I’m not even anywhere near my monthly. I get IBS but normally can go toilet to cure it. I really hope that I don’t have the cryptic pregnancy thing going on. We are in the middle of a pandemic…. definitely not going into hospital unless I absolutely have no choice. The choice is pain or risk contracting coronavirus? I will know if it’s labour pain. That is a different kind of pain from normal cramps. If it’s anything serious it will be painful rather than just sore. I just hope that my nagging suspicion isn’t about to happen. I’m hoping that I was just being paranoid and imagining things.