Does demon possession truly exist?

I may have been watching too many ‘Most Haunted’ episodes at a stupid hour of the night when the idea of this topic came into my head. Those of us within the groups that believe in paranormal talk about the existence of evil entities regularly. The possession of a person by a spirit (some refer to the evil ones as demons) are extreme cases. However, I am convinced that evil energies from spirits or other things can latch onto the living. Those of us that are weak for whatever reason are susceptible to these attachments. I have experienced things that I cannot explain during dark times of my life. I got woken up by a scary shadow figure for many years of my life until I finally told it to get lost in quite certain strong terms. People tried to tell me it was sleep paralysis but it shook me, blew and screamed in my ear. I was able to move to get it off me. That doesn’t happen during sleep paralysis episodes. I strongly told it to leave. The thing hasn’t been back since… that was therefore some dark entity that decided to hang around me. That is something which is common when you have psychic abilities. If I went into a building or any space where a spirit was lingering then I would instantly feel something. I would know that it was there and it would probably sense that I can pick things up.

I didn’t mind when that dark entity was only bugging me but I’m sure it was hanging around when my son was born. The boundaries were definitely over stepped. I heard clicks and movement on the baby monitor which wasn’t coming from my son. I was quite weak mentally at that point due to all the hormonal changes that occur post pregnancy. That is when things can attach themselves and cause havoc. I don’t know where that dark entity came from but it woke me up violently shaking me for a long time when I was younger. I’m hoping that it’s gone for good. I told it to get lost a few years ago. It seems that the instructions were heeded but what if it just manifested to another person? I can’t protect my son from this thing if it decided to attach itself to his energy. I would be sending it back to hell if it decided to do that. I can only assume that the entity escaped from some form of dark portal. One of my relatives did the Ouija board when they were younger with a group of their friends. They asked the spirit to shoe itself and apparently a dark figure walked passed the window. They could have let something out of a portal via the board. I can’t prove that the figure that latched itself onto me many years later was the same spirit they could have let out. I just know that the spirit which woke me up for years felt evil.