Aggression seems to be rising now more people are out.

We seem to be annoying each other now they more people have come out. I have seen aggression displayed between more than one person today. I knew that people were pretending to be nice over the last ten weeks. I can see why though. I spoke to my doctors surgery regarding outstanding tests. I’m now told that it will be months before everything goes back to normal. Unless I’m having emergency type symptoms I can’t even get a doctor to do a phone consultation. I don’t feel that my symptoms merit an appointment to try to get my smear test. The routine tests aren’t even going to be available for some time. I say that my symptoms aren’t severe enough but as I typed that my stomach is quite swollen and sore. These aren’t new symptoms for me though and I should do more exercise to tone up rather than merely just walking. I literally have no excuses now that everything is online due to lockdown. None of us that have gained a significant amount of weight in places gave an excuse now.