Too hot to sleep…. virus lockdown restrictions are being eased too early…

There is literally no cool air tonight. The heat is just too much. I can’t sleep. I’m relaxed because I had alcohol earlier. I woke up too late to take my medication yesterday. I’m therefore quite out of sync in regards to time. Surprisingly, I can function but sleep isn’t easy when I miss them. I’m enjoying the lockdown routine. The way that there are no expectations to be somewhere at a certain time. I can sleep late without feeling like I’m missing anything. I don’t ever want that to end but can’t live in lockdown mode permanently. We will have to go back to appointments which could be morning etc. It seems too early to lift the lockdown restrictions to the level that they’re announced from Monday. If we do get a second wave of virus outbreak the government is making a huge mistake. Most of the scientists advising the government don’t seem at all sure that all the lifting of restrictions are safe. I’m still not sure. I’m merely a member of the public just judging the risk by the statistics they’ve given out on a daily basis. We haven’t got our rates of infections and death rates down enough. Trend lines on a graph doesn’t say much about our current situation. It may be appearing to go down in numbers but those figures still suggest that a significant proportion of the U.K. are still swamped by the virus.

The hospitals are still dealing with the first wave of patients infected with the virus. We may end up like other countries hospitals. Patients were being left to die because there was just too many cases being admitted. In one country, I can’t remember where it was now, staff abandoned a care home leaving the residents to fend for themselves because the home was filled with the virus. After their lockdown ended, the home was discovered abandoned with barely any residents left alive. This situation is exactly how our government is potentially endangering us in the event that our second wave hits. In employment law, staff can legally leave their job environment if they feel that that situation is unsafe. We could potentially have hospital and care staff abandoning their positions due to not feeling protected by ppe. The equipment may be okay while the virus is at this level but if it suddenly peaks again they’ll be having to use a lot more of it. I’m not prepared to get stressed over it. I just see the easing of lockdown restrictions as too much of a risk when putting them alongside the current statistics. We aren’t even in single figures with death rates yet. Also, we are still in the thousands when it comes to new cases.

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  1. Would that country be Italy, Spain or France?

    There is a great site called Byline Times, Em.


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