Sunny weather fails….

I have some spare time as standing in a queue at the supermarket as it isn’t too long (in comparison to a few weeks ago it is short). I walked from home to here and walking back. I have my really ugly fatty legs out. They aren’t as fatty as they can get but still I feel self conscious. I want some colour on my legs. The only way to do that is either expose them or fake it. I’m not very skilled with fake tan. However I put it on, even with gloves, I seem to end up with brown fingers. I already did a huge mistake earlier. I shaved my legs before I put on my shorts, then put coconut oil to take off the dry flakey stuff. I just realised that the stickiness has attracted dirt from where I had been walking. I only realised after I went to scratch an itch on the back of my leg. It did seem like a good idea until that happened.

I also got woken up again last night at a stupid hour. I am now behind with everything again. I was just about to go to sleep. I may have acted unfriendly. It it was 3 to 4 am in the morning! I don’t want to get involved. I want a peaceful life! I don’t sleep well anyway. If anything puts me on edge I know that I’m not going to be able to sleep. I’m not in the best frame of mind myself when I haven’t slept a lot.

One response to “Sunny weather fails….”

  1. Poor stubby little hamster legs. You need to spend more time in your exercise wheel.

    Not that I have anything to brag about considering my dazzling white skin blinds people.


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