Creatively busy.

I have been knitting my tapestry scarf. I’ve had various tidying/cleaning to do too. I don’t have a lot to say. I know that makes a change. I haven’t got anything finished in regards to justifying my absence on the blog yet. The tapestry scarf is going to be about 10 foot long… which explains its name. It could also be known as a skyscraper scarf but I gave it the other name for its intense patterns which are rather detailed. I freestyled all the patterns used in the stitching. I’m trying to disguise how I haven’t learned much about how to knit yet. I was knitting a mask but that was hurting my fingers due to using very fine needles with sharp ends. I kept going into my finger tips with the end of the needle. The chunky ones for the scarf don’t hurt my fingers because the ends aren’t sharp. I am going to finish the scarf by the end of lockdown. I’m going to call it my lockdown project. That is why it’s going to end up quite long.