Autism being portrayed as a burden on television.

I’ve noticed that everything on television about Autism depicts it as a burden. Our experiences also reinforce that message. I know it’s hard to portray autism as a positive condition. Please be mindful of those that have autism viewing media they makes our condition seem like a burden. It can be quite hurtful to us. Autism is part of us, by implying that it’s a burden, you are indirectly saying us existing is a negative thing. You also have to be mindful that parents of some autistic children have gone on to kill their children and sometimes themselves too. That kind of narrative could cause these types of things to happen more frequently. I’m not saying that we have to depict autism as a pleasant reality when most of the time that’s not the case. Yes, being realistic is important but also keeping those affected by autism hopeful that things can become better for us is also just as important. We need to be progressive rather than standing still hoping that society starts to not see autism as a burden / problem that needs solving.

One thought on “Autism being portrayed as a burden on television.

  1. I hate this sort of thing. The real burdens on society are those who have remade it in their own image so that it suits them and them only; the same sort of people who make programmes like this. I think it’s truer to say that society is a burden on us: not just us, not just people like us but perhaps the majority, though we are at the extreme end of it.

    It’s hard to feel that one is not worthless and a burden when that is all we’ve been told in a style that is tantamount to propaganda-ridden hate speech but that doesn’t make it true. Actually autistic people have a great deal to contribute and it’s not that long since our attention to detail and determination to see things through was valued. It’s also not that long since we can look to a time where the entire concept of a person being a burden on society because their entire worth as a human being was measured in terms of their productivity and how it could be leveraged into a monetary value for someone else. That is what is sick and unhealthy, not us.


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