The dating world is definitely not my cup of tea.

I regularly receive messages from other females either on their mans profile or their own. I get these messages simply for mostly being only friends with the men. I’m told that if other women see you as pretty this happens quite a lot? Well, seriously… I’m definitely not pretty or any viable threat to ‘steal their mans attention’. They just look pathetically insecure! Insulting me isn’t going to make them feel better long term. I would never knowingly go with a guy who is in a relationship with another. I’m not an immoral person! I haven’t been under most of the local men… unlike some women round here. I’m not even trying to be bitchy by saying that. It’s the truth. Let me spell this out to any female thinking that I’m going to take their man…. some of us don’t NEED a man to complete their life. We are perfectly happy being single. As a matter of fact, the whole dating / getting into a relationship is an idea of a nightmare to some of us. I’m not interested in all that crap. I’m competitive… but when it comes to men I have no need to be competitive. I get asked out regularly. I could get a different man every night without trying on things like tinder. That is something I chose not to do because that isn’t who I am as a person.