More things I’ve discovered from this numerology stuff.

I was working on my numerology course until late last night. I found out some other stuff by calculating soul numbers. These basically show your inner desires. Some of which you may not even be aware of yet. I certainly wasn’t aware of what came up in my calculation. I always wondered why I enjoyed being around people but it made me frustrated. Apparently, I am happiest as a number 7. That means spending huge times alone absorbing knowledge. Now I know why I’m at my most chilled during the night studying etc. And also why I get anxious and mess up during social things that I enjoy. That isn’t my natural setting. It literally goes against my nature. I also now know why the other person was the way that they were . They came up as a 5 soul number. It’s literally written in the stats that this other person isn’t maternal whatsoever and doesn’t like to be tied down or feel crowded in any of their relationships. Well, it was written in the stars that they would definitely clash with me. I’m competitive according to my destiny number (that is true) but on their number it said they were completely the opposite. I’m sorry but I will always find it very hard not to be competitive. It’s my nature. I grew up feeling like I always had something to prove or justify my existence. I didn’t like sports so I did it in life which doesn’t work as it gets on other people’s nerves.

I’m currently on a walk because I have felt like crap all day. I am also air drying my hair. It goes matted if I either to go bed with it damp or dry it with heat. I saw some really dodgy characters out that looked like they may rob me of my phone of something. I gave them a ‘don’t even think about it look’. I’m dressed a bit goth like which helps to look hard to put those types off trying anything. It’s world goth day. Well, it was yesterday in the U.K. so it’s appropriate because we really don’t want people to see that I’m actually a weak wimp who can’t physically fight.

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