Surprisingly, numerology can say a lot about people.

I have been working my way through my numerology course. I found out that I share the same life path number as my niece. I’m a 5, which in my opinion seems to be the worse one I could possibly be. I’m sure that others wouldn’t mind being this description. ‘ You live for today and are versatile and adventurous. You are able to motivate people and are multi talented, but you may suffer from a lack of direction. You can think through complex matters and analyse them quickly. You tend to live for today ‘. Keywords for number 5s: freedom, independence, irresponsible, versatile, adventurous, communicator, self- indulgent, progressive, advanced in your thinking, seeking answers, compassionate, humane, witty, salesperson, motivator, easily bored, happy go lucky, flexible, worldly, well travelled, risk taker, promiscuous, lack of direction, confused, restless, discontented, impulsive.  I have 8 as my destiny number. I don’t particularly like that either but it’s the total of the letters values  when I calculated my whole name.  This is what it says ‘ You seek to grow by achieving material success and raising your status. Ambitious and goal oriented, you can plan, initiate and complete projects. Highly organised, you could establish or operate a business with great efficiency. You will receive material rewards for your efforts, and have good judgment when it comes to money. You are a good judge of character. Highly confident, you can be impatient with lesser mortals and slow progress. You may follow your ambitious to the detriment of other important factors in your life. You need to avoid being intolerant.

I was curious about what the person who remains my enemy until they see sense. They have 9 as both their life path and destiny number. That is quite rare. I worked out their destiny number by calculating the letters of their full name (minus a middle name because I don’t know it). Destiny numbers are what people call you mostly. Although they do have a nickname, I calculated it using their first name in full. I’m a little shocked  how nice this person is meant to be verses how they’ve treated me. Life path 9 says ‘ Compassionate and generous, you can make friends easily and are trustworthy and unlikely to harbour prejudices. The keywords for those with 9 life oath number are: Sensitive, helping, healing, honourable, compassionate, generous, humanitarian, trustworthy, in materialistic, helpful, used and let down by others, artistic, magnetic, open, understanding, sociable, sympathetic, broad-minded, selfless, commanding, upbeat, hearty, friendly, congenial, amiable, philosophical, non-competitive. And the destiny number 9 says ‘ You seek to grow by being compassionate towards others. Sensitive towards the needs of others, you have the potential to inspire. You have creative ability and a strong sense of imagination., friendships and love are extremely important to you. When following your ambitions, you remain sympathetic and tolerant towards others and are very broad-minded. At times you may be aloof and uninvolved, concerned more with humanistic interests than individuals. You are very idealistic. You need to avoid being selfish’. While this helps me to understand aspects of the other person. It doesn’t excuse what actions they took towards me. I didn’t deserve what they did to me. They could have chosen to help me but they chose to kick me when I was already on the floor from traumatic life experiences. I may not have always acted reasonably but they weren’t listening to what I was trying to say… only punishing me for saying anything at all.