I need a break today. Sleep deprived and not well.

I couldn’t sleep again. I also feel quite ill because my monthly did finally come on. I have pains today 😦 . I need sleep because even my hair has gone dry. I don’t think that I slept enough over the last week. Constantly waking up eats many hours of sleep. If I wake up every hour then I don’t know how I can possibly have slept properly? The weather has gone awful this morning. I just shut the window only to discover that it has rained. The wind got quite strong earlier. It’s not gone cold though. I just had mister try to get my cereal milk. Then he realised that it was skimmed (red top) milk. He won’t touch that stuff. He did try to knock it out my hand before he realised though. I’m extremely tired but I just can’t slept. It doesn’t make any sense. I would love to sleep for hours during the night but it just doesn’t happen. I would function much better if I wasn’t sleep deprived. I would be more productive without the sleep deprivation. I’m off to rest until I feel better.

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