Walking was slightly hot today…

I went for a walk in the heat for only an hour. I feel a bit burnt even after only a short time in the sun. I just about managed to fit into my shorts because I put on a bit of weight. I can fit into the size 10 shorts at a stretch. I just managed to do them up due to my excess fat spilling over. Size 12 would still be too large for me though. I don’t look that flattering in my smaller clothing at the moment. I had my last open university tutorial tonight. We had to decide what we were going to do next. I’m still unsure whether I want to continue with the degree. Apparently, according to the tutor, I’m getting the grades and I attended more tutorials than everyone else. The last three tutorials have only been me because our last assessment got cancelled due to covid-19. Most of the people on the module had children which changed their plans when the schools were closed. I missed one of the tutorials since this happened but the others were just me and the tutor. I’m glad that this academic year is now over. I have time to decide whether I want to continue onto the next module which starts in October. I’m currently doing a Numerology course online during the summer break. It’s a lot more detailed than I expected. I like these random ‘off the wall’ subjects. The unconventional things in life are more interesting. That is why I struggle with the law degree. The subject, as a whole, is rather mundane. The cases can sometimes be quite bizarre but the basic principles, rules and structures are extremely boring.

I need to start working on my artwork for the national brain appeal exhibition later this year. We don’t have to send it in until the lockdown restrictions are lifted due to the charity being unable to receive physical mail during the current restrictions.

I’m still not sure whether I have a cryptic pregnancy occurring. I have been only spotting for the last three days. That’s not normal for me. I’m not complaining about it because it normally goes to the other extreme. I only had a normal type of monthly for two days last month. That was at the beginning but right now it’s just spotting. I even went for a walk because moving normally helps to even things out. I continued to spot but since I got home, despite moving around doing things, it seems to have stopped. This is definitely not my normal pattern. It may not be pregnancy but it’s weird that it has been all over the place since that night. That is the last time that I went ‘there’. I know that I don’t have any STI’s because I had the tests after finding out the other person had been sleeping around. I just haven’t a clue what is going on with me. I’m glad that it hasn’t gone the other way at the moment but it’s just not normal for me.

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