Stepping out…

I have my own issues alongside lockdown getting on my nerves. Some people seem to think that they can drink as much as they like and then message you in the middle of the night. That would have been okay if that is the only thing. However, they ended up putting me on edge all night and proceeded to hang around the area of my flat. I don’t care that your mate lives on the next block. I heard you with my windows closed. I can’t have been the only one that heard your voices between the hours of 4 and 6 am. Then I got given a lecture by another family member this morning telling me that I shouldn’t have replied to their message so that I was distanced from whatever they were doing during the night. You shouldn’t even be out in a friends car due to social distancing. There aren’t even any places open at night yet. I wasn’t letting them in to my flat so I don’t think replying to a message encouraged them at all. Stepping out now because  I have lots to catch up on since whatever others were doing caused me to be awake the whole night. I slept for a while but still tired so I’m sorry I cannot be in a reasonable mood. I nearly got my sleep pattern back to normal and now I have to start from square one again. Thank you… now please refrain from making me anxious enough to be awake all night. I’ve had enough of people’s shit and getting told that I’m becoming a disappointment like the rest of the family.

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