I’m still awake at a stupid hour. I’ve caught up with a few things.

I was up at 5pm because I fell asleep with the cats. I did get up in the morning to take medication and have some cereal. I’m just not great at staying up if I haven’t slept at night. I thought that I may as well do a few bits like ironing while up late. I cleaned a few things and put on some washing. There is really no point leaving things until tomorrow because it’s even more of a struggle to get up if I’m constantly thinking of everything in a long list. I let the cats in before I went to bed because they were getting followed around by a cat that looks exactly like Mimi. They’ve still been staring at each other for a while. I’m quite comfortable as I put clean sheets and covers on my bed tonight. The cats haven’t even been on them yet. I’m sure that I will get joined by the cats at some point during the night or early morning. But I’m certainly not falling asleep with them again in the morning. We keep collectively sleeping during the day and then nothing gets done properly. Then things build up and feel overwhelming due to a never ending list of tasks that have ended up either half completed or not even started. I feel better when I’m up at a decent hour but also have never been a morning person. I can’t enjoy mornings when I haven’t slept at night much my entire life. I always struggled at college due to mostly tiredness. I still somehow managed to complete my qualifications.

I’m looking at my eyebrows hoping that beauty salons open soon. I don’t like how they’ve started sprouting down my face further than normal. They naturally grow quite far down the sides of my face. I’m managing to keep control of the middle parts but don’t want to pluck out the other parts in case I make one thinner than the other. I’m sure that I will learn to live with the bushy look until the lockdown is totally lifted. Luckily I had my hair sorted two days before everything non essential closed. I don’t have my hair done that often unless the split ends get too bad. I only have them removed because I won’t be able to grow it long if those ends start to split upwards and cause breakage. That is a hazard with thick coarse textured dry hair type. It’s taken 4 years to get this length due to bleach damage. I had to have a lot cut off after having it very light blond. I do still have it blond but streaked rather than block coloured. That way it builds up but doesn’t damage it as much. I broke a nail which is going to take a while to grow as some of the skin came off when it snapped. The skin normally has to grow before the nail can grow properly. I have the issue of getting slits down the side of my nails. I can repair them but only temporarily. Eventually the glue doesn’t stop them from snapping. I have two more nails that are probably going to do that because they both have slits appearing on the sides. I have some nails that haven’t broken but most of the time I can’t get them long.