I have a weird sleep pattern at the moment. / Bloggers being approached to sign up as ambassadors for products.

I didn’t sleep until 6am this morning. Then I didn’t wake up until about 4pm. I saw the hash tag insomnia trending so there must be many people unable to sleep at night right now. The annoying thing is that when I do sleep I don’t get a lot due to waking up every few hours. I wouldn’t mind but it’s starting to show on my face now. I have bags under my eyes. I’m always alert even when I’m sleeping which has become quite annoying. I don’t get a proper rest. I try not to miss anything to protect myself from the idiots of this world who seem to be attracted to me like flies. I don’t know if any other bloggers have been approached to become product ambassadors but be careful because contracts can include certain clauses that cause you problems. Most of these contracts mean that you cannot be free to talk about things freely on your blogs. I will not take it unless I am sure that the ambassador contracts doesn’t affect my freedom of speech on this blog. Anyway, why would anyone want me as a representative ? I see myself as Meg from family guy.

I could transition into an official blogger who earns money from various brands (although you can probably only represent one at a time until your freelance contract ends) but that affects the ethics of the blog as a whole picture. I may have replied to the email asking for details but this is what I mentioned earlier this entry, always check the contract before agreeing to be a representative of anything. I was going be or those who never read the terms of conditions (let’s face it most of us don’t read them). However, since starting the first year of my law degree I now read everything. You could be agreeing to anything that may be unreasonable. In regards to special educational needs contracts… you also don’t need to sign a behaviour contact for your autistic child or even as an autistic adult either. The two main excuses the education places use is either that you HAVE to sign the contract in order to be granted special needs support or that you must sign it to be still able to attend a school/college etc. You can also be brave and walk away. I did this on the last two occasions. That makes it your choice. The same goes for social services contracts in any capacity.