Common sense is actually not that common.

This pandemic has started to expose how the common sense in the U.K. is sadly lacking. It turns out that it isn’t common for people to have common sense here. I was surprised how the speech last night wasn’t actually heard in detail by those watching. I do admit that our prime minister does waffle on a lot but hearing details is a skill that people need to master in life. All the details that were clarified today was definitely in that PM announcement last night. I’m supposed to have communication problems but I picked up all the details despite them being relayed in a long winded manner. That may be due to the assessments for autism and various learning disability impairments having those types of tests in them. That’s a prime example of how those in the system have to live up to higher standards to be approved for a normal sort of life.

How is it fair, in general, to expect common sense in some of the population in order to be deemed ‘safe’ and everyone else just gets to live life however they want because they’ve never been under the social care system? I’m still not eligible for the council housing list despite being classed as a vulnerable adult due to my diagnosis. I don’t even get the support I’m supposed to get from the council services any longer because I spoke up against things I didn’t like about my previous support service. I technically live a normal life but would have to jump through many hoops in an attempt to be properly free of the system. That would be extremely hard due to aspects of my disability. I also know that I’ve previously stood on a lot of powerful peoples toes in the past by exposing things that were being hidden. I was also rather difficult while I growing up. Those people will probably try to stop that from ever happening. I no longer make plans or do a lot in life because I’m that used to things never working out for me. There are people that will never let me have anything in life because of what I was like growing up and various whistleblowing activities over the years.