Everything is still feeling odd. I can’t even remember normal life.

After six weeks of lockdown restrictions you would think that it would seem less strange now. I can’t get used to life being this way. Certain aspects of these restrictions are better than our normal existence. Positive aspects include fewer people and overcrowding.

But the rest of it is just like being in one of my crazy dreams. I wouldn’t like to live in any of my regular dreams because they can be like living in a nightmare while I’m asleep. The whole situation is a massive mind-bending scenario. The television is like watching a new virtual life out of a sci-fi movie. The clapping and songs on adverts feel like a zombie apocalypse is happening, the zombie being the virus which we can’t see.

I’m not even stressed by everything. I just feel like I’m becoming part of a bizarre virtual reality centred around our television screens and internet devices. Then the Thursday clap for the NHS and other key workers is a good idea but hearing all the clapping and various other noises on that day of the week seems surreal. Life just feels weird under these conditions. We took our freedom to do whatever 24/7 for granted. I wish that I had gone out more often now that lots of entertainment places are closed. Life is probably never going to be the same as before the virus outbreak happened. There will be a new normal but hopefully one that doesn’t feel this bizarre.