I didn’t do a lot today.

I shamefully admit that I haven’t done a lot today. I did a few things that have to be done around here but I feel completely lazy in comparison to yesterday. I’ve done loads of exercise recently but still have the excess weight and the bump stuck to me. It feels like a waste of time when my body refuses to change shape. At least I’m no longer pale. I didn’t even get too burnt. I look like I may have a slight tan on my face and arms. It most likely won’t last long though. I used to go just red with even the slightest exposure. I was out for quite a while and only went a little bit red that evening. I only went out once so technologically that was my daily exercise (however I feel like I did a few days exercise by the time I got home yesterday). The plan wasn’t to go out for that long but I kept walking. Half of the route consists of meeting barely anyone so social distancing is always maintained. I’ve seen worse stupidity by others clearly ignoring all safety measures. I’m not going out for a walk every single day so I’m not part of the problem. I haven’t got a letter telling me to self isolate until the end of June (despite the circular text telling me I may be in that group of people 6 weeks into lockdown) so I’m going to make the most of what we are allowed to do under the current rules. I was told I would get a letter to confirm but I didn’t so I’m still going out. I didn’t click the link to register on the government website either just in case it was a scam. If it isn’t then the government are being irresponsible after 6 weeks sending a text to those of us with underlying health issues instructing us to self isolate. The amount of deaths show that there has probably been that kind of negligence occurring since we first got the virus here.