Overdone it today and sunburnt.

I felt extremely tired earlier. I ended up going to bed at 10pm. I went to sleep straight away. I only woke up about midnight because I was hot and needed the toilet. I had a drink of water but I still feel awful. I’m a little sunburnt and I have a headache. I know it’s not good to get burnt but at least I’m not just a pale white colour anymore. I was starting to look a little too pale. I walked in the shade a lot so I didn’t get burnt to the point of being sore and uncomfortable. I do feel like I overdid it a little bit. I have an uncomfortable stomach. It’s been sore for a few days. The exercise seemed to have helped but as soon as I sat down it started to get sore again. I have been toilet. I’m not having problems in that department but I just keep getting pains around the lower half of my stomach towards my hips. They’re only there mostly when I’m not being active. I have had this for two days days now. I feel like I need to go toilet but that doesn’t fix the issue even when I do. I don’t understand it. I’m going back to sleep now anyway. I’m definitely resting tomorrow. Apparently it’s going to be hotter so probably best to not go for a walk. I don’t want to get sunburn on top of sunburn. I have other things to do.

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